Keep Connected with Friends and family during Hajj and Umrah

WatcHaji app will solve most of your concerns about your family when performing Hajj or Umrah

Track Friends & Family

Tracking your friends and family members has never been easy while performing hajj and umrah, but now with WatcHaji app all your friends and family memebers are under your thumb. Open the app and track your all family memebers easily.

Chat and Text

With WatcHaji app now you can easily call or text your friend and family members with a touch of a button.

Make & Recieve SOS Calls

Are you lost? in some kind of issue? and you need your family member there to help you? Generate SOS with WatcHaji or wristband and every connected friend will be notified by the app, so they can help you.

Search & Add

Using search should be as simple and comprehensive as possible. With WatcHaji’s Search Friend, there’s never been an easier a way to find your family and friends.

  • Search by username and name in single line

    Looking for someone and you don't have his username? just type his name and we will show all members with the name you are searching for with the username and picture of the user, so you can easily recognize your friends and add them.

  • Single tap to add your friend

    Hate too many steps for adding a person? but with WatcHaji app its very easy to add a friend or family member, search and just tap on the add button, an adding request will be sent to the user you are adding.

Hajj and Umrah Guide

A complete step by step guide for performing hajj and umrah for those who are very first to perform.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Why we need WatcHaji app?

    WatcHaji solves your most of the problems such as below.

    • • People get lost.
    • • The problem of lake of directional information guidance at Hajj ritual places.
    • • They get hurt and some lose their life.
    • • Lose track of dependents.
    • • Invariably get confused about what steps to perform next or what to do next.
    • • Communication and information in crowd.

    How actually the SOS call work?

    • • User can Generate SOS request, which will send an alert to all the friends. The location of user will be send to all the friends.
    • • A notification will be sent back upon acceptance of SOS from another user.
    • • User can accept friend’s SOS request, The SOS Status will be accepted now.
    • • Only one friend can accept an SOS request.
    • • User can cancel or accepts an SOS request.
    • • The SOS Status will be updating to Accepted from pending now.
    • • A notification will be sent back to SOS generator about the friend who has accepted SOS request.
    • • Once an SOS request is handled the SOS creator can mark Status to complete. Only Originator can complete it.
    • • A notification will be sent to helping friend that the SOS has been successfully completed.

    Why doesn’t WatcHaji offer more translations?

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    Is WatcHaji available on Android, iPad or Desktop? What about in other languages?

    In first phase it is available on Android phone, it will be available on desktop and iOS in upcoming phases.

    If you have a question we didn’t answer, please feel free to contact us via email, or ask us on Twitter or Facebook.

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